A work in progress for me.

There are experiences that the modern world has managed to PC out of existence. The Carnivale was the classic circus. The event that whole town trembled in anticipation of.By wagon, by train. A whole traveling society of people who didn’t fit the mold.Who chose the life of performance.

It spawned Riverview. Coney Island, so many other legendary places where, to a child, it seemed the real fairyland. Larger than life. The smells, the lights.The explosion upon the senses. It all worked for wonderfully imaginative effect before cable TV and the Internet.

It’s still out there, and one of my passions is to find it.

Here, the beginnings. I start with the carousel.

To the adult perspective,all happy light and music.The story we read before turning the lights out.

The child’s perspective quite different.The craftsmen that created the sculptures understood. As did the Grimm brothers.

The child is still there with the imagination running at full throttle when the lights dim.And the Calliope wails.

I remember both sides.


Welcome to my little vision of the world. The off angles, the things that you might not readily notice are the things that seem to appeal to me.The glint of light that may be a rusting relic in the weeds. I want to know it’s story.


As a photographer I feel the printing process to be an extension of the capture and imaginative expression. To that end, I prefer to print my own work. My current printer is an Epson Z3100 wide format unit, and I am quite pleased with the color renditions as well as the gray scale of the black and white prints.


While I sincerely hope you enjoy what you find in the galleries,I am a working photographer that still finds a thrill in my first love, people photography. Portraits are special, for me

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